• 2018-10-16
  • LitterLocker

Catherine Lapierre, an animal health technician and creator of the Mon Journal – Santé animale blog and Facebook page, sheds light on the cleaning of the litter box and its best place in the house. The litter box cleaning routine is one of the most important points for your cat to feel comfortable using it.

Recommended Maintenance It is recommended to clean the litter box at least once a day with a scoop. It is for this reason that I like to use a clumping litter that makes the task much easier. This can also be done as and when, which is even better. This is why your kitty hurries to go in the litter box when it’s freshly cleaned. Cats prefer to use a litter that does not contain urine or stool! Personally, I've been using a LitterLocker Design Plus Litter Disposal System for years. It is always placed next to the cats’ litter boxes, which allows me to clean it in a few seconds. With this pail, you don’t have to worry about odors or ripped bags that drop litter grains all over the house! Even when I'm in a hurry in the morning, I can clean the litter in a few seconds thanks to this accessory and go to work with peace of mind. In addition, the maintenance of the LitterLocker pail is also very simple. It includes a refill of bags, very easy to change. Moreover, parents will recognize its functioning, because its principle is the same as the diaper pail. As for the pan, it is recommended to clean it with an unscented soap every 2-3 months. It is also advisable to replace each year the plastic litter box.

Best Litter Box Spot As mentioned above, the cat must be able to see the danger and have the opportunity to escape if necessary. It is therefore advisable not to place the tray in a closet, under a staircase, in a closed area of ​​the rest of the house or at the end of a long corridor. You also have to think about everything around the litter box. Avoid noisy and overly busy places. Think of the washer and dryer, which can produce a variety of sudden noises, or even a furnace. Also, try to put the box in a place where you go every day, so you'll think about cleaning it! If it's too well hidden, you might forget it. It is also advisable to place the pan far from the food of your cat. It is not inviting for them to eat next to their toilet! Then, if you have a dog at home, the litter box can be positioned high or in a place where cats will have easy access, but not your puppy. If you place the litter high and your cat is getting older, do not forget to adjust yourself to help him a little bit. If you do not have a LitterLocker Design Plus pail yet, I recommend this purchase! This Canadian company really thought of everything; it even offers the possibility to personalize your bin with a fabric sleeve to complement your decor!