• 2019-10-03
  • LitterLocker

Finally, LitterLocker's new litter mat has been released, and here are some pictures created for the occasion!

Commercial pet photography takes a lot of patience and especially with cats! Not only we must have a beautiful environment and an ideal light, but the cat must collaborate. I often compare this type of sessions to those with babies and children: it's never me who leads and it requires a good ability to adapt.

As we know, cats are queens and kings and the photo shoot takes place according to their mood of the moment. This is why the collaboration of the masters is essential in order to put the animal at ease, to make it play, to arouse his interest and to give him some treats so that this experience is positive to him.

Some cats become shy in front of my lens but they all end up being peeved by curiosity and testing for themselves the new objects that are judiciously arranged in their environment. I make sure the conditions are optimal, but my secret is to let me guided by the animal's personality, let him live his moments without intervening (or almost). I still manage to capture beautiful images, although I often have only a few seconds!

Let's talk technique. Those little beasts are active, so I use the burst to make sure to have a wide variety of images. I use a Nikon 24-70mm F2.8 lens for its great versatility that will allow me to react quickly. The privileged style is refined, white and modern, so I choose the largest opening to have the lightest possible. Aperture does not only affect the brightness but also the depth of field. If these are sessions where the product must prevail, I opt for a smaller opening so that it is clear and precise. But here, those are lifestyle sessions where cats are the stars, thenI allow a short depth of field to bring out the animal and create a beautiful atmosphere.

A session can last between 2 and 4 hours. There is always a moment when the cat becomes calm, and I take full advantage of it, as in the short excerpt of the session with Zac. I was assisted by Choco le Labrador who seemed to be wondering why he was not the star!

Pssstt, I have the LitterLocker litter mat at home, also approved by Mimi and Miko, I love it!

Geneviève Lesieur, Pet Photographer

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