• 2020-03-10
  • LitterLocker

Best Christmas Gifts for Your Cat

Christmas is right around the corner, looking for a little inspiration for what to put under the tree for your furry friend? We have rounded up a few of our faves, have a great idea you want to share? Leave it in the comments below.

1. Adventure Tent

This fun tent features a hammock and easy to assemble...plus it doubles as home decor! This is perfect to travel with and your kitty will love having a familiar place to sleep on the road.

2. Treat Dispenser

This is almost the gift that keeps on giving! Keeps kitty entertained and they will love the tasty treats they get for all their hard work. We love this Orbit Treat Dispenser from Jackson Galaxy.

3. Treats

You need something to go in the treat dispenser, we love these liver treats from Benny Bullys that are Made in Canada.

4. LitterLocker Litter Box Starter Kit and Litter Mat

Your kitty will love the open top litter box and the comfort of the litter mat...and you will love the way the LitterLocker pail locks in odors! Do not forget to look for our Christmas LitterLocker Sleeve to Design your LitterLocker Cat Litter Pail.

5. Catnip

For the cats that LOVE catnip they are sure to go crazy for these catnip toys from All For Paws.