• 2018-09-26
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Cats do not tend to consume enough water. In many cases, they do not feel thirsty like dogs. However, it is very important for their health to consume an adequate amount, for several reasons. A cat that drinks enough water will urinate more frequently.

Thus, urine that does not stay too long in the bladder will reduce the risk of urinary problems. In fact, when the urine stagnates and remains in the bladder for a long time, the minerals accumulate favoring the creation of urinary crystals and even stones in the bladder and in the kidneys. "How do I know if my cat consumes enough water? "

A healthy cat should drink an average of 200 ml of water a day.

If you want to know the exact amount of water your cat should drink in a day based on its weight, do not hesitate to contact your veterinarian. He can do the math for you. If you are unsure about your cat's water intake, it is suggested to measure its amount. To do this, you can fill his bowl in the morning with a precise amount of water, checking what time it is when you offer it. The next day, at the same time, you will be able to measure the amount of water left in the bowl before filling it again. Using a very simple calculation, you will know how much your cat has consumed water in 24 hours. I recommend you to put a larger quantity of water than necessary, for example 500 ml, to make sure that your pet will not run out during the day. If your cat empties his bowl and you refill it during the day, don’t forget to measure the amount added. Also, it is recommended to repeat the test on a few consecutive days and to average the results obtained. "My cat drinks enough, even if he drinks too much! "

Excessive water consumption is not better

If, on the contrary, you notice that your cat consumes more than 250 ml of water in his day, this could indicate a health problem. Again, the water supply requirements per day may vary from cats to cats. Before panicking, make sure you know your cat's approximate need for weight. "Now that I know my cat is drinking too much water, what does it mean?" When you have confirmation that your cat is drinking too much water, it is recommended to have him examined to exclude the possibility of any disease, especially if its water consumption has suddenly increased. Some diseases such as diabetes and kidney failure can cause a cat to drink more. So, if your cat is more than 7 years old, drinks more water and necessarily produces more urine than before, do not wait and contact your veterinarian! Interesting fact in the world of veterinary medicine: did you know that to designate an increased consumption of water, medical term polydipsia is used? As one often does not go without the other, excessive urine production is referred to as polyuria. If you hear the medical staff talking about a small PD/PU patient at your veterinary clinic, this is an animal that drinks and urinates a lot (polydipsia/polyuria).

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