• 2018-06-08
  • LitterLocker

Recently I worked with LitterLocker to produce a mini-image bank, featuring their current product, the litter bin.

Of course, the real stars of this project are the cats! You will guess that it was a sweet contract for me, which was all the more exciting, since LitterLocker is a growing Quebec company! If you do not know about their products, it’s time to check out their Web site LitterLocker.com.

Follow them also on Facebook and Instagram, and discover the beautiful photos that will be used for their promotional campaigns.

That’s not all… I was also mandated by LitterLocker France (Instagram, Facebook, and the LitterLocker France site). Another wonderful experience! I would like to personally thank the owners of these wonderful cats for their involvement and time during the photo sessions.

Geneviève LeSieur is a photographer and a cat lover based in Quebec City. Check out her work!