• 2019-08-06
  • LitterLocker

As you know, a while ago, the company LitterLocker Canada provided me with a litter box that was both elegant and practical, the LitterBox by LitterLocker. I'm still using it and still loving it!

What I like most about this litter box is that, thanks to its stylish design, it can take pride of place in your home. As for mine, I have it in my living room. Apart from its look, there was still one little problem that needed solving... The litter granules all around it! My cats are masters in the art of not wiping their paws before leaving the litter box! And I don't think I'm the only one with this problem.

Once again, the LitterLocker Canada team has devised a solution for us! The solution consists of helping us place our litter box in the ideal spot, without causing us too much bother. They have created the Litter Mat. This is an ingenious mat which collects the excess litter granules stuck to cats' paws when they leave the litter box, and it is very easy to use. When there's litter on the mat, all you have to do is grab the handles on both sides and fold it in half so that the litter granules slide back into the box. It also has a large surface, so you can collect a lot of litter granules and keep your floor clean.

Obviously, just like the LitterBox, this mat is attractive and won't ruin your interior decor! It goes really well with the box.

Lastly, as I (and my three cats) took part in trialing this new product, I know they don't mind using it. My cats approached it on the first day to see if they could walk on it comfortably, and they soon became very comfortable having it around. Say' goodbye' big, ugly mats and kitty litter granules everywhere!

Thank you, LitterLocker Canada, once again for creating such ingenious and elegant products!

Catherine Lapierre, TSA

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