• 2019-02-09
  • LitterLocker

Recently, you have seen us share some of the Cat Educator's articles, collaborative videos and lectures on feline behavior. But, who is the Cat Educator? The LitterLocker objective is to simplify the lives of cat owners by developing quality products that meet their daily needs. For years, LitterLocker has worked closely with Daniel Filion and his team of about 16 enthusiasts and feline behavior professionals. The Educator is an organization of great renown in Quebec. This name is familiar to you? Perhaps you have already seen Daniel Filion on television because he is at Animo, a French TV Show on Radio-Canada, as well as in the Animal magazine. Our common love for cats led us to collaboratively develop the LitterLocker LitterBox. An open litter box of ideal size for a medium sized cat. Moreover, the Educator team helps us to develop products for the welfare of cats by testing them and advising LitterLocker. The Educator team uses its expertise and experience in feline behavior to solve many issues, in addition to appear in public education interventions to ensure the smooth development of the relationship between cats and their owners. If you are interested in learning more about the behavior of your feline, the Cat Educator’s professional training courses have been accredited by Quebec’s veterinarians and health technician’s associations. In 2014, Cat Educator has also implemented programs to help shelters and foster homes. To attend one of his next conferences (in French only), register here. Daniel Filion, author of a best seller on feline behavior "Mon chat chez le psy". For more information, please visit http://en.educhateur.com/ © 2018 LitterLocker & Cat Educator