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Cat Litter Pails

The LitterLocker II refills are still available in stores. However, the LitterLocker I and II pails, as well as the LitterLocker I refills are not sold in stores anymore. See the products you can buy online.

Quick, clean, and easy to use. Cat lovers, LitterLocker is here to make it easier to maintain your favorite pet's litter. With LitterLocker Cat Litter Pail Design Plus, you can get rid of the bad smells for good.

The refills are made of a plastic multi-layer barrier film that uses the Air-Seal technology. This technology is making the system completely air-tight. Each refill can last up to 2 months for one cat.

The sealing system combined with refills designed at the cutting edge of technology makes it possible to trap odors and bacteria.

Practical and hygienic, the cat litter disposal system is easy to use and to empty and is customizable with Litterlocker design plus fabric sleeves.

LitterLocker's cat products have been designed to facilitate the cleaning of the litter box and eliminate odors from the waste. Check out our dome-free cat litter boxes designed to eliminate odor retention.

The well-being of cats and their owners is our priority. Our mission is to offer you practical, elegant, and unique products.

The LitterLocker cat litter disposal locks away odours effectively with our AIR-SEAL technology, making it one of the most effective cat waste disposal systems in Canada.

One of the advantages of using a LitterLocker cat litter disposal is that it reconciles cat owners with the task of cleaning the litter box. No more unpleasant odours and no more litter mess on the floor.

The litter pail makes the task of cleaning the litter simple and easy thanks to its seal which allows odors to be sealed in an airtight manner. Using the LitterLocker litter pail will prevent odors from spreading around the house and allow you to trap bacteria that may reside in the air.

Getting to know how our disposal system works could not be easier. Simply use the attached scooper to remove soiled litter from your cat’s litter box, then drop it into our handy Design Plus Litter Pail. Just like we mentioned above, once the pail is sealed back up, you won’t need to worry about pesky odors or bacteria affecting your living space. Just scoop it, drop it, seal it, and you will be good to go.

LitterLocker’s Design Plus Litter Pail features clean lines, simple design, and provides the option to decorate it with interchangeable fabric sleeves in fun patterns like paw prints and wood grain. When you use our products, storing and cleaning up litter will no longer be a dirty or unsightly job – finally!

Combined with our narrow litter box (featuring design details that facilitate easy cleanup and a stress-free experience for your cat), our stylish litter pail uses Air-Seal technology to lock odors and bacteria in, keeping your home free of unpleasant smells and potentially harmful bacteria. Our litter box are out in the open for simple and easy access – but standard litter boxes tend to be less than attractive.

Our litter pails are lined with LitterLocker Refills that are totally hygienic and very simple to use. All you need to do is place the bag refill inside the cat litter bin system, then you can dispose of soiled litter as needed. Each refill lasts for up to 2 months (as long as you only have one cat; you may need to change it more often if you have multiple furry friends).

These multilayer bags use Air-Seal technology to create a powerful odor barrier between the LitterLocker and the surrounding air, so once you toss soiled litter away, you can forget about it forever.

LitterLocker cat litter pail makes litter cleaning a breeze. All you have to do is pick up, seal, throw away, and that’s it! The pails effectively lock in odors and bacteria and are easy to empty. They are a practical and hygienic solution to unpleasant litter odor.

The LitterLocker sytem has been designed to be used with all kinds of litter.

The new Design and Design Plus models have an improved design and a square refill that makes scooping easier. Additionally, decorative sleeves (sold separately) are available for the Design Plus model to complement your decor.

The bin can hold up to 2 weeks worth of soiled litter for 1 cat. Results may vary.

New Pail Improved

Both new models have these exclusive features:

• New top look & manual opening
• Smoother edges around the opening - and on knife
• Patented refill support
• Stronger bucket fixation
• New base design

The LitterLocker Team is always listening to customer feedback. In the interest of continuous improvement, we have redesigned certain aspects in order to optimize the Pail.

Many cat owners are using this trash for 1 or more cats and we had comments that in the long term, the push button let the lid open. In the interests of continuous improvement, we have improved certain aspects in order to make the Pail optimal.

With the new Cat Design Plus Litter Disposal System, you can customize it with Fabric Sleeves, to complement your home decor.

Yes, the sleeves fit perfectly on the New Cat Design Plus Litter Disposal System.

Both models are the same dimensions and weight (and same as previous models):
L 9.38 in x W 9.5 in x H 17.63 in L 23.82 cm x W 24.13 cm x H 44.77 cm
Weight: 1.55 kg / 3.42 lb

As for the first generation, Design and Design Plus Pails, these new models can receive the litter of several cats. If it is used to dispose the litter of several cats, one refill will last a shorter time than 2 months.

Please note our Research & Development team is currently working to find a solution for the disposal of several litters. Stay tuned!

LitterLocker Design Plus cat Pail are available at specialty pet stores, while LitterLocker Design cat litter Pails are available in mass merchandise stores.


The LitterLocker II refills are still available in stores. However, the LitterLocker I and II pails, as well as the LitterLocker I refills are not sold in stores anymore. See the products you can buy online.

As a cat owner, you are well aware of the odours associated with the litter box, not to mention the problems related to your cat's use of the litter box and those of maintaining the litter box. The odours and bacteria present during the maintenance of your litter box are inevitable. However, the lingering smell in your home is not. An efficient cat litter disposal system paired with cat litter bags that use advanced technology can help you eliminate any residual odours in your home.

It’s not always easy to find a balance between price, ease of use, efficiency, and respect for environmental values. While some brands offer convenience by sending you disposable litter every week, others offer eco-friendly, disposable, dissolving litter that clogs your drains. As for the reusable litter, studies have shown that it does more harm than good to the environment, contaminating the water with parasites and bacteria found in your cat’s faeces during rinsing.

LitterLocker offers an advanced waste disposal system using Air Seal technology to effectively seal odours. We offer multilayer cat litter bags that generate minimal waste and can last up to two months for a single cat.

No more smelly bags and waste pail with LitterLocker’s refill bags for our cat litter disposal system. The bags are multi-layered and thanks to their anti-odor barrier, using AIR-SEAL technology, you can breathe easily! The refill bags are compatible with LitterLocker II, LitterLocker Design, and LitterLocker Design Plus litter bins.

One refill lasts approximately two months with one cat. Results may vary.

The bag really locks in odours thanks to the five-layer film. The handle closing system also ensures that the bag remains airtight once it is filled with soiled litter.

The LitterLocker II refills can be used with the three models of LitterLocker pails.

The LitterLocker bags are not biodegradable yet. The main advantage of our bags is their ability to lock in odours. This feature is not yet available with biodegradable bags.

The packaging of the refill is made of 50% recycled plastic. It is also possible to recycle the cartridge on which it is written code 5, which indicates it can be deposited in the recycle bin after use.

A refill bag equals about 60 grocery bags. The refill is easy to replace and can last up to two months for one cat. Results may vary. Other types of bags cannot trap bacteria and odours, making them less hygienic. The plastic film of the refill has not only five layers, but is unique on the market because it is designed with the Air-Seal technology. All the features of this product provide a quality refill, which the normal bag cannot possess.

The LitterLocker system has been designed to be used with all kinds of litter.

Litter box

The litter box by LitterLocker can be used with all kinds of litter.

Most people don’t even realize there are design-conscious cat litter boxes on the market! Most of them are a simple plastic bin, and many are actually an eyesore. Since your litter box is going to be on display inside your home, wouldn’t it be great if it was designed to blend into the surrounding environment, instead of sticking out and detracting from your decor?

LitterLocker products are specially designed to provide a positive experience for your cat while featuring sleek designs in muted colors that don’t overwhelm the eye. Curious about the LitterLocker difference? Read on to explore why our narrow litter boxes are a top-notch choice for your kitty, and how to control the odors associated with soiled litter.

Our classic cat litter box is designed to make your cat feel safe while the box is in use: its open top gives your cat a 360-degree field of vision so they can observe their surroundings and find a sense of comfort while they are at their most “vulnerable.” Thanks to its high edges made of flexible material, you won’t have to worry about litter spillage or overflows, and its handles make for easy disposal and transport.

During the disposal process, a handy spout will show you which side you should use to pour out the litter, and once you are finished, the litter box’s curved base is quick and easy to clean. When you are refilling, a helpful indicator on the inside of the litter box indicates the optimal litter level.

This product is designed to comfortably accommodate an adult-sized cat. Both the grey and white models feature a fun glossy paw print pattern on the outside, and they can be purchased either with or without an accompanying litter scooper.

Our LitterLocker cat litter pail is designed with ultra-modern taste so it can blend into any environment. Gone are the days of plugging your nose while you change your cat’s litter: this product makes the entire process easy and stress-free.

Once you have removed the soiled litter with a scooper, simply drop it into the LitterLocker and close the lid. Our advanced Air-Seal odor control system will immediately lock in any bacteria and unpleasant smells, and each refill can be used for up to 2 months.

Just like our narrow litter boxes, the LitterLocker itself will never be an eyesore in your home. Its clean lines and simple design allow it to seamlessly blend into the surrounding decor.

You shouldn’t have to dread the responsibility of changing your cat’s litter. Thankfully, with LitterLocker, there are products on the market that make the process easier than ever! Our litter box and odor control system are designed to look sleek and handle soiled litter with ease: discover all our products, because your furry companion deserves the best.

Our cat litter box presents a wide opening which lets cats feel safe and not be bothered by odors, while enjoying a 360-degree view. The sides are high enough to prevent any damages caused by your furry friend.
We’ve also added a smart level indicator, so you always know when to add litter and how much. Made of soft material, our cat litter boxes can be placed in any small space and don’t take too much room.

Cats are in a vulnerable position when they use their litter box, they must be able to check their environment and see any potential dangers. A covered litter box does not allow them to do so. The LitterLocker LitterBox is what is needed to reassure your cat.

Three litter boxes—one per floor. It is simple to calculate: Number of litter boxes = Number of cats + 1. It is important that they are in different rooms, since you will prevent all the litter boxes from being in one “territory”, which may be protected by one cat, obliging the other cats to find another place to do their business.

Because that’s how they learned to do it from their mother. Burying its feces is instinctual in cats, but the way of doing it is learned. Many kittens never see their mother bury her feces, since the mother must use a litter box with a lid or where she is hidden. It is possible that, since the kittens did not see their mother scratching, they did not learn how to do it properly. The LitterBox by LitterLocker, which does not have a dome, allows this essential learning.

Cat Litter Mat

No more walking on litter particles and having litter spread everywhere with LitterLocker’s litter mat. The mat prevents your cat from carrying litter around the tray and all over your home. Equipped with convenient handles and easy to clean, the litter mat is an essential cat accessory for when your best friend leaves its litter box.

Yes. Our product is developed for an optimization utilization and fit between the LitterMat and the LitterBox by LitterLocker but you can definitely use our products with any other brands.

The LitterLocker LitterMat is cat litter mat you can place near your cat's LitterBox that can prevent cat litter scattering by catching the litter. That way it doesn't get scattered all over. The half-moon was designed to be placed under the LitterLocker LitterBox, that way, we avoid the LitterMat to slip.

The LitterLocker® LitterMat pairs up perfectly with the LitterBox by LitterLocker®, matching its colour and overall design by using similar curves. The LitterMat also provides a large surface that will catch most of the litter usually scattering around the LitterBox. Litter Cleaning Made Easy.

When grabbed by the handles, the mat bends and creates a natural spout to empty the litter back into the LitterBox to help you made your litter cleaning easily.

LitterLocker LitterMat works great with all types of cat litter.

  • Clumping
  • Clay
  • Crystal
  • Corn/Wheat
  • Pellets

In the case of an accident, you can wash it thoroughly with cleaner and water and allow it to dry. Try to be cleaning and scooping out the LitterBox daily as cats like using clean litter. If it continues, I suggest talking to your vet as it can be a sign of an infection. What products should we use to clean it? Please use soft soap and water.

The LitterMat by LitterLocker is currently available in grey. The colour grey was chose to match the LitterBox by LitterLocker.

The LitterMat by LitterLocker is made of EVA Foam. EVA Foam is a soft yet durable polymer of ethylene and vinyl acetate.

Yes, the LitterMat by LitterLocker is BPA Free. BPA stands for bisphenol A.

Most of the LitterLocker products are made in Canada. To be competitive and to respect our design concept, we had to produce the LitterMat by LitterLocker in China.

Customer Service

LitterLocker was founded in 2002 by the seasoned businessman and inventor Maurice Pinsonnault. Today, the company is comprised of an entire team that offers ingenious solutions that make the happiness of cats as well as their owners.
Since 2002, LitterLocker has worked hard to enhance our brand of products. We are now proud of our reputation as a global leader of innovation and design in the market. Through our relentless efforts, along with those of our valued clients, we have become a world-renowned and trusted brand.

LitterLocker is now a forerunner in the field of litter care with revolutionary products. The odorless litter bins and the easy-to-clean litter boxes are advanced in cat care.

We believe that you deserve to spend better moments with your cat. That’s why we are listening to your needs to develop quality products for your lifestyle. We simplify your life, one innovation at a time.

Our mission is to put every day our passion, imagination, and attentiveness at your service to create unique, elegant, and practical products.

Products on the Canadian site can only be delivered in Canada. Please see our list of international distributors to find a distributor near you.

Fill the contact form here. A customer service agent will reach out to you shortly.

Owning a cat shouldn’t have to mean storing dirty litter out in the open. With LitterLocker, you can overcome every pain point associated with soiled litter disposal, from clunky and unflattering design to unpleasant odors and bacteria. Our products are designed to blend into – and, in some cases, even elevate – your home decor, while facilitating simple and easy cleanup to make this chore a breeze. If you want the very best for your kitty and yourself, browse the full collection of LitterLocker products and accessories today.

LitterLocker is made up of people who are passionate about animals, concerned about their well-being, and familiar with the issues facing their owners. For almost 20 years now, we have made it our mission to make life easier for cat owners while respecting the needs of their pets.

From the beginning, we have deployed the best technologies to offer the best products on the market without compromising the price. For LitterLocker, the bottom line is that our products make maintenance easier and improve people's lives. LitterLocker's cat litter bags seal odours tightly, allowing you to breathe comfortably in your home without the discomfort of odours.

The LitterLocker team is made up of passionate and enthusiastic people who made it their mission to make cat owners’ lives easier. We have been creating quality cat accessories since 2002. Since then, we have continuously strived to improve our products by using the latest technological advances. We offer intelligent solutions adapted to any lifestyle. LitterLocker cat accessories are unique and the all-in-one system makes it possible to clean soiled litter in a simple and effective way.

The greatest reward for LitterLocker’s dedicated team is knowing that our efforts help customers, two or four-legged, to live happily together.

Have a look at our “Where to buy” section to find out which stores carry our products or vist our Boutique.

''I discovered LitterLocker when I took care of my colleague’s adorable Bengal cat! After a single use, I was sold. I even pushed my mother to buy it (she also fell in love with it!) and as soon as I got my own cat, I bought one too and it’s perfect!''

Sophie Lafrance

''Yes, I am very pleased with my LitterLocker because it locks in odors and it also avoids having to take out the trash constantly, especially since I live on the 3rd floor, so let’s just say it makes my life easier. Thank you for this great product!''

Nathalie Mathieu

''It is the ideal alternative to overly small litter boxes that are found everywhere, and the big ugly boxes.''

Pascale - Éduchateur

''I love it, I’ve have had it for several years now (8 years). The house doesn’t smell anymore and its’ child-proof.''

Cynthia Lachapelle

''Finally a litter box that has style and is also very practical in terms of emptying it properly.''

Éliane - Éduchateur

''Large, practical, easy to clean... all in a stylish design. Never seen before in a litter box.''

Florence - Éduchateur

''It’s absolutely fantastic! Gone are the little baggies left on the windowsill because they aren’t full enough! No odors and it’s also elegant! Thank you from Anakin and Sally.''

Lucie Harvey

''I’ve been using Litterlocker from the start. I saw the new models with sleeves; MAGNIFICENT. Definitely my next purchase. Super easy to use, no unpleasant odors, the bags are easy to dispose of and my big Bouli is happy when his mommy empties the litter box.''


''One of the best product created related to cats for sure... nothing smells and especially don’t have to run to the garbage 3 stairs below every other day!''

Nathalie Mathieu

''The spout is an invention that changed the chore of cleaning the litter box into something much nicer and cleaner.''

Josine - Éduchateur

"My cat is getting older and it was doing more and more often its little needs everywhere except in its litter box... Since I'm using LitterBox by LitterLocker, it is cleaned as in its youth! I highly recommend it! Thank you!"

Julie Dubé

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About LitterLocker

LitterLocker has made life easier for cat owners since 2002 with breakthrough products such as the odourless litter bin and the easy-to-clean litter box.

Every day, we put our passion, imagination and attentiveness at your service to create unique, elegant and practical products.