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Litter box

Why choose our narrow litter boxes?


Most people don’t even realize there are design-conscious cat litter boxes on the market! Most of them are a simple plastic bin, and many are actually an eyesore. Since your litter box is going to be on display inside your home, wouldn’t it be great if it was designed to blend into the surrounding environment, instead of sticking out and detracting from your decor?

LitterLocker products are specially designed to provide a positive experience for your cat while featuring sleek designs in muted colors that don’t overwhelm the eye. Curious about the LitterLocker difference? Read on to explore why our narrow litter boxes are a top-notch choice for your kitty, and how to control the odors associated with soiled litter.

Our classic cat litter box is designed to make your cat feel safe while the box is in use: its open top gives your cat a 360-degree field of vision so they can observe their surroundings and find a sense of comfort while they are at their most “vulnerable.” Thanks to its high edges made of flexible material, you won’t have to worry about litter spillage or overflows, and its handles make for easy disposal and transport.

During the disposal process, a handy spout will show you which side you should use to pour out the litter, and once you are finished, the litter box’s curved base is quick and easy to clean. When you are refilling, a helpful indicator on the inside of the litter box indicates the optimal litter level.

This product is designed to comfortably accommodate an adult-sized cat. Both the grey and white models feature a fun glossy paw print pattern on the outside, and they can be purchased either with or without an accompanying litter scooper.

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About LitterLocker

LitterLocker has made life easier for cat owners since 2002 with breakthrough products such as the odourless litter bin and the easy-to-clean litter box.

Every day, we put our passion, imagination and attentiveness at your service to create unique, elegant and practical products.