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Cat Litter Pails

Why do I need a litter pail?


The litter pail makes the task of cleaning the litter simple and easy thanks to its seal which allows odors to be sealed in an airtight manner. Using the LitterLocker litter pail will prevent odors from spreading around the house and allow you to trap bacteria that may reside in the air.

Getting to know how our disposal system works could not be easier. Simply use the attached scooper to remove soiled litter from your cat’s litter box, then drop it into our handy Design Plus Litter Pail. Just like we mentioned above, once the pail is sealed back up, you won’t need to worry about pesky odors or bacteria affecting your living space. Just scoop it, drop it, seal it, and you will be good to go.

LitterLocker’s Design Plus Litter Pail features clean lines, simple design, and provides the option to decorate it with interchangeable fabric sleeves in fun patterns like paw prints and wood grain. When you use our products, storing and cleaning up litter will no longer be a dirty or unsightly job – finally!

Combined with our narrow litter box (featuring design details that facilitate easy cleanup and a stress-free experience for your cat), our stylish litter pail uses Air-Seal technology to lock odors and bacteria in, keeping your home free of unpleasant smells and potentially harmful bacteria. Our litter box are out in the open for simple and easy access – but standard litter boxes tend to be less than attractive.

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About LitterLocker

LitterLocker has made life easier for cat owners since 2002 with breakthrough products such as the odourless litter bin and the easy-to-clean litter box.

Every day, we put our passion, imagination and attentiveness at your service to create unique, elegant and practical products.