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LitterLocker Design Plus Cat Litter Disposal System


With our interchangeable sleeves, sold separately, your LitterLocker cat litter bin becomes a stylish decorative accessory. With the odor on the inside and the attractive design on the outside, it's the best of both worlds!

LitterLocker Design Plus Litter Pail side right
Litter Pail Design devant
LitterLocker Design Plus Litter Pail Lifestyle
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Litter Pail LitteLocker Design côté

LitterLocker Design Plus Cat Litter Pail

Uses square refill with Air-Seal technology
Locks in odors and bacteria
Each refill can last up to 2 months for 1 cat
Practical & hygienic
Easy to use system
Easy to empty system
Practical handle
Customizable with Fabric Sleeves
Made in Canada
L 23.82 cm x W 24.13 cm x H 44.77 cm
1.55 kg / 3.42 lb
1 LitterLocker Design Plus Cat Litter Disposal System
1 Refill
1 Scoop
1 Scoop holder


Our litter pails are lined with LitterLocker Refills that are totally hygienic and very simple to use. All you need to do is place the bag refill inside the cat litter bin system, then you can dispose of soiled litter as needed. Each refill lasts for up to 2 months (as long as you only have one cat; you may need to change it more often if you have multiple furry friends).

These multilayer bags use Air-Seal technology to create a powerful odor barrier between the LitterLocker and the surrounding air, so once you toss soiled litter away, you can forget about it forever.

Owning a cat shouldn’t have to mean storing dirty litter out in the open. With LitterLocker, you can overcome every pain point associated with soiled litter disposal, from clunky and unflattering design to unpleasant odors and bacteria. Our products are designed to blend into – and, in some cases, even elevate – your home decor, while facilitating simple and easy cleanup to make this chore a breeze. If you want the very best for your kitty and yourself, browse the full collection of LitterLocker products and accessories today.

The litter pail makes the task of cleaning the litter simple and easy thanks to its seal which allows odors to be sealed in an airtight manner. Using the LitterLocker litter pail will prevent odors from spreading around the house and allow you to trap bacteria that may reside in the air.

Getting to know how our disposal system works could not be easier. Simply use the attached scooper to remove soiled litter from your cat’s litter box, then drop it into our handy Design Plus Litter Pail. Just like we mentioned above, once the pail is sealed back up, you won’t need to worry about pesky odors or bacteria affecting your living space. Just scoop it, drop it, seal it, and you will be good to go.

LitterLocker’s Design Plus Litter Pail features clean lines, simple design, and provides the option to decorate it with interchangeable fabric sleeves in fun patterns like paw prints and wood grain. When you use our products, storing and cleaning up litter will no longer be a dirty or unsightly job – finally!

Combined with our narrow litter box (featuring design details that facilitate easy cleanup and a stress-free experience for your cat), our stylish litter pail uses Air-Seal technology to lock odors and bacteria in, keeping your home free of unpleasant smells and potentially harmful bacteria. Our litter box are out in the open for simple and easy access – but standard litter boxes tend to be less than attractive.


Only 3 easy steps. Scoop the soiled litter. Drop it in the LitterLocker bin. Close the lid and seal the odours. The practical and designed bin is easy to use, no more daily trips to the outside bin.

Scoop it!

Drop it!

Seal it!

Why do some cats immediately go to the litter box after you have cleaned it?

The cat identifies where it goes to the washroom with felinine found in its urine, giving it its famous unpleasant odor. When you empty the litter box, the cat wants to ensure that his odor is still there. Many cats will also refuse to go to the washroom in a litter box that has already been used, and will therefore take advantage of a freshly cleaned litter box.

LitterLocker Design Plus Cat Litter Disposal System Did you know

Air-Seal technology included

Air-Seal traps the smell inside! With multi-layer resistant bags, equipped with an odor barrier, thus making the system hermetic. No more odors of soiled litter! Breathe again with Air-Seal System!

Innovative features.

Includes one refill, a scoop and a scoop support.

Uses square refill with Air-Seal technology

Locks in odors and bacteria

Each refill can last up to 2 months for 1 cat

Practical & Hygienic

Easy to use system

Easy to empty system

With practical handle

Customizable with Fabric Sleeve


We all have a favorite cat color. For fabric covers, you are also spoiled for choice. Sold separately.

Housse de tissu LitterLocker Design Plus Cats


LitterLocker Design Plus Fabric Sleeve Cat-in-2


Housse de tissu LitterLocker Design Plus Cat Paws

Cat Paws

LitterLocker Design Plus Fabric Sleeve Meow


LitterLocker Design Plus Fabric Sleeve Black Cats

Black Cats

Housse de tissu LitterLocker Design Plus Boho Leaf

Boho leaf

LitterLocker Design Plus Fabric Sleeve Funny Cats

Funny Cats

LitterLocker Design Plus Fabric Sleeve Wood


''I discovered LitterLocker when I took care of my colleague’s adorable Bengal cat! After a single use, I was sold. I even pushed my mother to buy it (she also fell in love with it!) and as soon as I got my own cat, I bought one too and it’s perfect!''

Sophie Lafrance

''Yes, I am very pleased with my LitterLocker because it locks in odors and it also avoids having to take out the trash constantly, especially since I live on the 3rd floor, so let’s just say it makes my life easier. Thank you for this great product!''

Nathalie Mathieu

''It is the ideal alternative to overly small litter boxes that are found everywhere, and the big ugly boxes.''

Pascale - Éduchateur

''I love it, I’ve have had it for several years now (8 years). The house doesn’t smell anymore and its’ child-proof.''

Cynthia Lachapelle

''Finally a litter box that has style and is also very practical in terms of emptying it properly.''

Éliane - Éduchateur

''Large, practical, easy to clean... all in a stylish design. Never seen before in a litter box.''

Florence - Éduchateur

''It’s absolutely fantastic! Gone are the little baggies left on the windowsill because they aren’t full enough! No odors and it’s also elegant! Thank you from Anakin and Sally.''

Lucie Harvey

''I’ve been using Litterlocker from the start. I saw the new models with sleeves; MAGNIFICENT. Definitely my next purchase. Super easy to use, no unpleasant odors, the bags are easy to dispose of and my big Bouli is happy when his mommy empties the litter box.''


''One of the best product created related to cats for sure... nothing smells and especially don’t have to run to the garbage 3 stairs below every other day!''

Nathalie Mathieu

''The spout is an invention that changed the chore of cleaning the litter box into something much nicer and cleaner.''

Josine - Éduchateur

"My cat is getting older and it was doing more and more often its little needs everywhere except in its litter box... Since I'm using LitterBox by LitterLocker, it is cleaned as in its youth! I highly recommend it! Thank you!"

Julie Dubé

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LitterLocker has made life easier for cat owners since 2002 with breakthrough products such as the odourless litter bin and the easy-to-clean litter box.

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