• 2018-12-28
  • LitterLocker

LitterLocker was founded in 2002 by the Canadian businessman and inventor Maurice Pinsonnault. Today, it is an entire team that offers ingenious solutions that make the happiness of cats as well as their owners. Every day, we put our passion, imagination and attentiveness at your service to create unique, elegant and practical products. Did you know that the LitterLocker pail was first invented for baby nappy bins? Then newly dad, Maurice was looking for an innovative way to get rid of baby diapers and their smell. He developed the Angelcare diaper bins, an elegant and practical product that improves the lives of parents. Its system with multi-layer bags, with a closure that traps odours, was then adapted to contain the soiled litter. His experience as a parent and cat owner has created an ingenious product that simplifies litter management. Nowadays, Angelcare Monitors, in the field of childcare, is still the parent company of the LitterLocker brand.

Products designed by cat lovers

LitterLocker is a forerunner in the field of litter care with revolutionary products such as the odourless litter pail and the easy-to-clean LitterBox. We believe that you deserve to spend better moments with your cat, that’s why we are listening to develop quality products for your lifestyle. We simplify your life, one innovation at a time. The first odour-free LitterLocker bin with round refills was introduced on the market in 2002. This unique system allows you to dispose of cat soiled litter. No more odours and daily trips to the outside bin. © LitterLocker 2018