LitterLocker® Design Pail

The LitterLocker Design Cat Litter Disposal System is a unique system that makes litter cleaning super easy! Scoop it! Drop it! Seal it! The square opening makes it easier to scoop the litter into the pail while our Air-Seal technology ensures that litter odours and bacteria stay inside the pail. Enjoy good times with your pet, LitterLocker takes care of your cat's needs! Available in white and grey.

    How to Use
    Compatible With
    • Uses square refill with Air-Seal technology
    • Locks in odours and bacteria
    • Each refill can last up to 2 months for 1 cat
    • Practical & hygienic
    • Easy to use and empty
    Scoop It.
    Drop It.
    Seal It.
    B-Design Refill-1-CA-EN
    LitterLocker® Design Refill

    Say goodbye to odours with the LitterLocker® Design Refills made from multi-layer barrier film with Air-Seal technology.

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